دکتر یداله سعیدنیا

Yadolla Saeednia

.Yadolla Saeednia, is a well-known Iranian educator, examiner,  researcher,  private educationist, and entrepreneur. He is an advocate of lifelong learning. 

He started his career in 1981. Since then he has been involved in the founding and running of several private institutions of various levels in Tehran.

He started with 8 years on teaching various subjects in private and public schools in Tehran, Iran. He moved on to be a counselor for students and end up his first 12 years of career with promoting to be principal in Mofid, a popular private school in Tehran.

He changed his role to be a an entrepreneur when established his own school on. Rafe; the school was  expanded rapidly to cover k-12 in 1994. This not- for- profit school had been a well known one during its one decade of function. The school was closed due to financial issues in 2006.

He contributes in establishing another none for profit organisation in 2007. Madresehfarda; the institute, serves best education for rural area students. Moreover, he involves in first Iranian Open School- Raha Learning House – in Iran in 2009.

Yadolla Saeednia was born in 1963’s. The bachelor was earned in 1990’s in Applied Physics from Sharif University, a Master Degree of Educational Psychology was received in 2001’s from Azad University. He has completed PhD in Educational Psychology in University of  Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2011.

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Psychology: Counseling ( family, sexual, educational, and individual)
Psychology: Adolescent Development
Psychology: Educational Psychology
Education: Early Childhood Educational  System

Education: School Management

Education: Teacher Training

Education: Learning Models and Theories

Education: World Education

Education: Education Standard ISO 10015

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